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Automating Offsite Construction

The platform that enables offsite manufacturers to automatically configure projects, instantly translate designs into production information, and optimise factory operations.


The clear roadmap to automation for offsite manufacturers.

Our platform, which is both material and sector agnostic, is utilised by manufacturers of 3D and 2D timber and steel systems to successfully complete housing, commercial, educational, and hospitality projects.

Our Platform

The impact of our platform is evident through:

We are on a mission to unlock capacity and investment in offsite construction, accelerating the adoption of automation in the industry.


Our Vision

What sets DataForm Lab apart is the seamless integration of design and manufacturing, enabling the full benefits of automation. We are not merely developing another software tool; we are creating a comprehensive roadmap for implementing design and manufacturing automation, driving a significant business-wide impact for our customers. 


Who we are

DataForm Lab is a pioneering team of construction automation specialists committed to accelerating the adoption of automation in offsite construction. With expertise in software development, robotic programming, and design automation, DataForm Lab offers an innovative perspective and solution to the industry.

Start Your Automation Journey!

Get in touch to explore how our platform can optimise productivity and unlock new capacities in your offsite factory!

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