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We are passionate about design. Our team in DataForm Lab works across all project types and scales, developing bespoke processes that merge architectural design with advanced fabrication technologies for the delivery of innovative projects. We love challenges, so many of the projects we undertake are unique, both in terms of design and materialisation. For this reason, we couple cutting edge technology and a diverse team of talented individuals to make sure that innovation is inherent in every project we deliver.



Testing our ideas and developing physical prototypes is an essential part of our practice’s culture. In DataForm Lab we believe in the value of craftmanship and we aim to evolve and enhance it through the use of high-tech tools. Taking advantage of the high flexibility of industrial robotic arms and other digital fabrication technologies, we are able to test design ideas in a fast and cost-efficient manner. Through prototyping, we evaluate design iterations in the early stages to deliver manufacturable design solutions.



Our services extend further than the prototyping stage, including consultancy regarding the automation of the fabrication of our clients’ designs. We simulate and evaluate the automated manufacturing process, to provide a better understanding of any operational and business implications. We plan and test the impact of key business scenarios, aiming to de-risk them and allow our clients to make better and more informed decisions. Our goal is to promote the fast adoption of robotic technologies in the construction industry, allowing our clients to take full advantage of the benefits they can offer.

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